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Patient Associations Neurology

Experts have been studying epilepsy for years but, despite this, there is still a high lack of information, persisting in society false myths about this disease. However, eradicating old myths costs much more than teaching the right way to treat a person with epilepsy during a crisis.

The lack of information and knowledge about epilepsy has a daily repercussion on each person suffering from this disease. The importance of patient and family associations in the area of awareness and knowledge of the disease is crucial to progress in eradicating the social stigma of this pathology.

Some patient associations in Spain

APEMSI – Spanish Association of People Affected by Severe Epilepsy
AME – Epilepsy Association of Madrid
AAE – Epilepsy Association of Alava
ACEPI -Epilepsy Association of Cordoba
AEPA – Epilepsy Association of Alicante
ALCE – Epilepsy Association of Valencia
ÁPICE – Epilepsy Association of Andalucia
ASADE – Epilepsy Association of Aragon

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