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Partnering with Eisai

Why We Partner

While Eisai is a fully integrated pharmaceutical business capable of discovering, developing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing products on its own, we also recognize the value of collaboration. Eisai believes that its human health care mission of helping to increase the benefits that health care provides to patients and their families can be advanced through collaboration with other companies that share our goal of helping to address unmet medical needs.

Working with Eisai

Eisai takes a strategic approach to business development activities, ensuring that the expectations of our partners are aligned with our own. We are an experienced and flexible partner that will work diligently to maximize both our success and that of our partners.

We have an important and solid trajectory of association and collaboration, including research and strategic co-promotion, and our interest consist in looking for opportunities in different therapeutic areas. Eisai offers its partners solid resources both in the field of Research and Development (R & D) and in the commercial field, as well as the necessary experience to carry out the regulatory processes that guarantee the availability of our medicines for patients.

We invite academic institutions and pharmaceutical or biotech companies that share our goal of helping to address unmet medical needs to contact us with proposals.

Strategic Copromotions

Eisai has a rich history of partnership that has enabled us to bring innovative new products to the people who need them. We give every product we promote the support and attention it deserves to ensure success in the market place.

Research Collaborations

Also across worldwile, Eisai has a number of research collaborations with biotech firms and academic institutions. This includes agreements with other laboratories such as Biogen and MSD, in order to discover and develop new treatment routes through innovative products and synergistic combinations.

Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS)

Eisai’s Investigator Initiated Studies (IIS) Program provides funding and/or clinical supplies to eligible applicants to help address legitimate medical or scientific questions that affect the use of our compounds/drugs in either phase of research or once commercialized.

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