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Initiatives in Neurology

Being our intention to educate and make society aware of different diseases, demolishing myths associated with them, as for example it is frequent in epilepsy; try to eliminate any perception of helplessness; and to convey to patients and their families that there are even pleasant ways of overcoming biases and some of the difficulties that unfortunately accompany the disease, Eisai has developed the following projects:

Drawing the Epilepsy

Thought this initiative Eisai wanted to explain the basic concepts about Epilepsy (what it is, causes, diagnosis, types, prevalence, how to react when somebody is having a seizure, etc.) in a pleasant way using the technique of a hand drawing video.

With the advice of the neuropaediatrician Dr. Patricia Smeyers, everyone can now learn the essentials about this important pathology and in about 4 entertaining minutes!


Epilepto, a special friend

A tale addressed to schools based on Leo’s story, a boy suffering from epilepsy and Epilepto, a funny and strange character that always accompanies him.

The Spanish Association of People Affected by Severe Epilepsy (APEMSI), in collaboration with Eisai, edited this tale with Epilepto and Leo as the main characters, aiming at raising awareness on the disease. It narrates what should be done to make children with epilepsy not feel discriminated.

Traveler’s Health Book

In order to facilitate the lives of people with epilepsy and their families at the time of travel it was proposed the realization of this material: the Health Book for the Traveler that includes: data of the patient and his / her doctor, diagnosis, contraindications, treatment , concomitant pathologies, allergies, what to do when facing a convulsive crisis, emergency contacts, etc.

It available in 10 languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Russian.

Epilepsy and Sport

With the aim of teaching how to act correctly in case of an epileptic crisis while doing sport, Eisai developed a practical guide under the slogan “In epilepsy we all play”.

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