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Patient Association Oncology

Associations of patients with cancer offer information and psycho-oncological, social, legal, oncoesthetic counseling and physical rehabilitation to cancer patients and their families. Associations help patients to share experiences with other patients who are in the same situation or who have gone through the same experience.

Patient Associations are safe spaces to express doubts, fears, feelings and achievements with people who have passed or are going through processes similar to the patient.

The main association in Spain it is the Spanish Group of Patients with Cancer (GEPAC). They are part of GEPAC 51 patient associations, 15 corporate members and 9 divisions of our own: rare tumors, breast, head and neck, liver, pancreas, prostate, lung, kidney, skin and melanoma. This alliance has the purpose of sharing resources and experiences and having a single voice before the different social agents and health systems.

Some patient associations in Spain

GEPAC – Spanish Group of Patients with Cancer

Kidney Cancer Division Spain

Liver Cancer Division Spain

ASCAMA – Breast and Gynecologic Cancer Division

FECMA – Spanish Federation of Breast Cancer

AMIGA Fundation

Mari Paz Jimenez Casado Fundation

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